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Manifold Group Members:

Myron Pierce || Found Pastor at Mission Church (Omaha, NE) -

Kelvin Walker || Lead Pastor at Bedford Community Church || President of The African American Pastors, Consecrated Woman & Licensed Workers Associating (Bedford Hills, NY) -

Ernesto Alcantara || Executive Worship Pastor || Crossroads Church  (Mansfield, OH)

Paul Huneycutt || Domestic Site Developer & Envision Site Coordinator (Cleveland, OH)

Todd Sovine || Regional Coordinator for The Central Region of the C&MA and Director of Church Planting for the Central District (Wadsworth, OH)

Leonard Tanks || Ordained Pastor at Hope Alliance Bible Church (Cleveland, OH)

Jelani Pinnock || Worship Pastor at Grace CMA Church (Middleburg Heights, OH)

Calvin Dorsey || Founding Pastor of Sandusky Life Church/Church Planter of Central District of C&MA/ L.E.A.D Director of the Christian & Missionary Alliance / Member of the African American Association of the C&MA/ Husband to Amanda Dorsey for 7 years. “My desire is for the Church in heaven to be reflected here on earth”