Frequently Asked Questions


You may still have some questions...

Sometimes websites can be overwhelming and we can often leave a site feeling as if we still have unanswered questions.  In an effort to be as clear as possible, below we have provided you with answers to frequently asked questions you may have about The Manifold Group (TMG) and who we are...

1. Can you explain more of what Manifold does? Does it recruit leaders and do training for them apart from their Christian & Missionary Alliance district? 

Essentially, The Manifold Group functions as both a consulting team and resource network for ethnic leaders of all backgrounds (socio-economic and cultural) who express interest in the C&MA and serving within our denomination at all levels. TMG seeks to open doors.  The board members of TMG are all either licensed, ordained, or in pursuit of ordination within the C&MA.  We recognize the imbalance in leadership within our denomination regarding gender and ethnicity and we desire to make a conscious effort to provide a balance. 

We simply interview those interested in joining our resource network, collectively determine what level of leadership development that individual would need, and point/encourage them to join approved pre-existing leadership development programs within the various districts we are affiliated with.  Our end goal is to advance candidates toward ordination/consecration within the C&MA.  Those programs are few in the C&MA, but would include and are not limited to the LEAD Program (central district), MSP, Thrive for Women (Central District), C&MA Greenhouses, Internships, C&MA Colleges, Seminaries & University degree programs, Various conferences & church planting bootcamps, Empower for Women (at Alliance Theological Seminary).  We are wanting to expand this list. 


2. Do you provide scholarships? 

We will be seeking scholarships from various sources on behalf of TMG candidates. Thus far, we do have limited funding from our district for some of the programs depending on the financial status of the applicant on a case by case basis.  We are continuing to garner financial support for scholarships and to fund recruiting initiatives.


3. Does The Manifold Group directly provide ministry placement and/or jobs? 

The Manifold Group and its board of directors will exhaust every opportunity to see that a candidate is placed national or internationally.  There are many opportunities for placement within our denomination, however, we DO NOT directly provide jobs. One of our goals is to get candidates ready for placement within the C&MA.  Though our network of influence is strong and involves well over 20 churches and multiple districts within the C&MA, we cannot guarantee any placement. 


4. Are you looking for students who are still in high school? College? Seminar?

We are seeking candidates at all levels and are building a roster.  We have a system that can track candidates who join TMG resource network, but we will determine what each candidate needs on a case by case basis.  Typically, candidates who meet our qualifications would either be in pursuit of ministry training or beyond some level of college graduation.  With regard to candidates we asks ourselves questions like, "Does the candidate need one or more of the following?"

Undergrad degree, Seminary degree, A Thrive or Empower type program, A LEAD program (which brings them more than 50% through ordination/consecration in the Central District), licensing, church planting bootcamp, funding for training, enrollment into non-traditional short-term ministry training programs, some, or all of the above, etc. 

We simply want to identify leaders and walk with them through their development as encouraging coaches who can help point them in the right direction.  


5. Have you considered having women on your leadership board?

We have certainly considered woman and have spoken with influential women in leadership throughout the C&MA in that regard.  We do not currently have any woman on our board at this time because TMG launched in February of 2018. 

I hope that answers all of your questions.  We are always open to suggestions and people who are interested in partnering with The Manifold Group.


Our only question to you is...

Is God nudging you?

Please lift up what we are doing in continual prayer. God bless you and thank you for visiting.